08.16.14Titania Grace

Hi Sparlha,

I hope all is well on your end and that you're continuing to make amazing music. I want to thank you again for letting me use your music for my play Through the Belly of the Beast and Back To Tell.

Right now I am in the process of putting together a crowd funding campaign for a documentary about foster care and I am looking to raise between 5K and 6K.

I was just wondering how long your campaign was to raise money for your album? And how long you would suggest for raising 5K or 6K?

07.05.14Bob Vidra

How is your new office?
Did you get your new album cut?
I see that you have a show in Oakland Ca. in a few months. I’ll try to get out to California to see the show. I know I’ll have a blast
Your biggest fan.
Have a great day!
Bob Vidra


Hi Sparlha, where is the song "Canto Das Tres Racas" recorded? It doesn't sound like studio, and I love it, just voice with thunder in the background :)

05.10.14Gopi Mattel

Amazing show last night!
Glad you are back to performing.
Take care.

pl. add to mailing list.

04.19.14terry lindsey

Hello Sparlha

I know that you probably get a lot of request,

but is it at all possible for me to have your autograph?

I would greatly appreciate it, and

I would really love to have it.

Thank you so much!

01.20.14Holly Roach

Any chance you are in San Diego March 27-30 or North Carolina the end of June. I still remember your show at the Heartwood Institute and I would love to loop you into some of the events I'm oganizing these days.

12.02.13Kimberly Moody

Excited to see you perform live someday! :)


Hi. Where do I download Someday, Someway?

09.23.13Montsho & Nwasha Edu

We are interested in booking you for our annual event "Akoma Day" in NJ. We saw you in Brooklyn 2004/2005. Feel free to reach out

06.19.13Julian Wee

Hi Sparlha, thanks for the great music! Please put me on your mailing list; I'm not in the US though, I live in Singapore.


hi it's been a week since moin I listen to your music and your voice just magic and everything continues like this!
Modou (France)

PS:escuse moi pour mon anglais!!

03.07.13Deirdre Visser

Sparlha, best wishes in your next adventure. Please add me to your mailing list.



My roommate bought me your cd In The Distance back in 2006. I just stumbled on it again... omg. the BEAUTIFUL sounds that come from my comp as I type this. I had to send you a note.

You sis are a FORCE. your words speak to my soul in a way that this insane culture could never grasp. :)

Be blessed always. BIG THINGS in your near immediate future.

12.30.12Ed Temple

Hi Sparlha, I ordered and listened to your Live in NYC CD and I love it. I have placed an order for the (In The Distance) CD and as before, I would like to have it mailed to the address below.

Keep making the beautiful music that is so soothing to the mind, body and soul. Do you have another CD in the making and when will it drop?

Love you and your music,Ed

12.09.12Alex (Xamba) Cotta

Hey Sparlha, this is Alex. We jammed together when you lived in Oakland. I am the bass player from Brazil...
I still have the songs you recorded acoustically and listened to them often.
I'm no longer in the Bay Area, back in Brazil for now.
It's great to know you're doing well with your music and I always new you would.



Hello Sparlha! Are you still performing? I would like to inquire about a possible performance for a show in February, Look forward to hearing from you.

10.22.12Corinna Lenz

Hi Sparlha,
I cannot put in words how much I appreciate your music! You fill a void in the musical world! You are a true talent and I hope you will achieve everything you want and dream of...

P.s. I want to join your mailing list!

06.06.12kristen lee

loved your presence on the PARIAH film. Come to LA!

05.31.12Guy Veronick

Hi Sparlha, I'm a Nurse in Nyc and a few years ago I purchased In The Distance from you at 2nd Ave subway station on the F line. I fell in love with your voice that evening. Recently I heard your voice in Pariah. You have a beautiful voice and I am so happy I got to hear you and your guitar live. Thanks for sharing that beautiful gift with the rest of the world. Gratefully Always, Your Fan , Guy


Hello Sparlha,
I'm French and I'm learning English in higschool.
I've read your story in my English book : there is an article about you in it !
It's about dreams and it explains how you fulfiled yours.
I would like to tell you that you are very courageous :)
Please answer me, I would be very happy !


My name is Patricia from Kenya, Editor-in-Chief of AfroElle Magazine, an online magazine empowering, elevating women of African Descent. Every issue we strive to feature women of African descent doing great things with their lives. I just came across your music and i would love to feature you in our first issue of the year scheduled for release on the first week of March. In this issue we are profiling women in Music . Please advice.

Here is a link to our last issue http://ow.ly/96lXN

02.04.12Rehema Afful-Nyannor

just wanted to stop by and tell you how much i love your music, your singing, your photos, and your natural African beauty.
you are in my most positive prosperous prayers...

until then...continued abundance and beauty and joy,
rehema (yenbere-our time)


Hi Sparlha. Cant wait to see Pariah with the added bonus of hearing your recent work. Keeping doing it. Also, I want to be added to the mailing list. location: NYC

01.22.12Meera Vaidyanathan

brooklyn ny - please add me to the mailing list! would love to see you next time you perform around here.


01.17.12Emily Rickard

Your music is a recent discovery of mine... I am utterly blown away by its beauty and inspiration.... Do you have any up and coming NYC gigs?

01.16.12Gina Carlson

I would love to know if you are in SF soon. Would love to see you in concert!


01.12.12Ras Ankh MichaEl Choctaw aka Michael G. Reese

you are a gift from God, motivating, captivating, spiritually beautiful and void filling, easy to love, you make real cosmic vibrations, you make me cry.....

01.11.12Laura Bortman

Philadelphia, PA

Hello! Please add me to your mailing list. Your song "Enton Me Leve" is my favorite on the Woodstock Film Festival 2004 album. Love your voice! I wish I knew what you were singing about in that song. haha. Thank you!!! Keep on singing!!!

01.11.12Cindy Irwin

Your music causes my heart to swell and brings tears to my eyes. Thank you.


it's mimi from TOKYO have talked few times with you on myspace:) a big fan of you .
I miss your live music.where are you now??I really want to go to your show.
waiting for the letter about your gigs .
keep shinning ,stay natural and beautiful

Much love



Hi sparlha ,)
I love your voice and all of your albums.
But where can i buy the song : someday, someway?



05.31.11Auset connection


I just discovered your music from a friends page on Facebook. lovely voice and lyrics & messages as well. Give thanks for your expression from the Divine. Most appreciated...
travel light


uplifting. God bless


Hello Princess Sparlha,
I found out about you by accident on You Tube and i'm happy i did. You're beautiful, intelligent and very telented. Stay in the spirit and best of luck.
Best Regards,
Jhamal Hannibal Abdur-Rahman

09.20.10Beli Sullivan

Hi Sparla,

I didn't get a chance to say hello at the EBMC retreat this past Saturday... wasn't it wonderful? I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your musical work. May all good things find you. Blessings, Beautiful One. Beli

07.25.10philip lister

Want to attend a live show, if I can find a time when you perform in NYC, but the website,my space linkage leaves me baffled. I can't find any shows when you are performing. Is there some other way I can get info on your upcoming shows?

07.09.10Veleda Roehl

Hello Sparla- My name is Veleda, I am a dancer, educator and choreographer, and I met you on the BART train two weeks ago. I have been listening to your music for a few years since I caught you at La Pena and purchased In The Distance. Just wanted to share how inspiring your music has been for me and my students, particularly in the movement classes I was teaching for incarcerated mothers. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in the dance I have set to 'I Am That.' Thank you for sharing your gifts- Veleda


Just checking in...I have just played a jam with some new musicians last week
the song ended up like Baba Maal acoustic...
colonelpanik from myspace.....
Really Love "Spread Your wings"
check me out...Eric Stewart...Linked In

05.04.10Lynn Dorton

I heard you for the first time on a friend of mines myspace page. i thought you were great, love your music and would love to be among your friends. All my love your way!!! Lynn

03.04.10Monica Byrne

Hey lady! I was completely entranced by a video of you my friend Eva posted on Facebook, singing "Brown is the Color of my True Love's Skin." I went to bed with its melody in my head and had sweet dreams. Thank you for the gift of your music.

Are there any plans to have your music available on iTunes? If not, I'll certainly get a CD; I just wanted to check :) Also, are you ever planning on performing in Durham? It's my hometown--I'm a writer, actor and playwright there--and I'd make you welcome!

Warm wishes,

02.12.10Autom Ra

Looking forward to Meeting you.

02.10.10Alicia Boone

Love you and your music. You have always been so kind to me. Thank you for that. I wish you nothing but the very best in life.

Many blessings Sparlah.


01.20.10Rodney Derstine

Have you ever published your arrangement of of "Lean On Me" and if so, how might I go about purchasing it?
Rod Derstine
Schwenksville, PA

09.04.09Janio Santos

Please! I need music " Someday, Someway" , of Sparlha Swa. I do not find to buy. I love, love, love this music. Hugs


love your songs i just found it.

07.27.09Joshua Kolapo

Hi, I love your page and I was reading that you will be Sandra in Fela the musical opening this fall. I was wondering if you could tell me about where it will be opening up and how has your experience been working on this show?
thank you


Soul of a breath in a shimmer of light!

07.12.09Vanessa smith

Sparlha, Sparlha, Sparlha,beautiful, soulful and nourishing. You graced us with your presences in Birmingham Alabama at Malcom reading room 7/11/09 thank you for sharing. I am listening to your c.d. right now. I am in awe. Keep flying!!!!!

07.09.09Magali Regis

Hi Sparlha,
Please add my email address to your mailing list and let me know when you have concerts in NYC. Good to see/hear you Monday at Poisson Rouge.

06.22.09Aika Swai

Hello dear one, this is an old friend via Tanzania, Cameroon, California...i am devastated to read that you're coming back to California !!! After all these years I am finally in gear to make the transit to New York and we're moving in the same window of time...OUCH!! I'll find you on facebook and all the other ways to stay in touch, but I did plan on showing up any day now at one of your shows. Blessed journey sister -



Hey, so I first heard your voice checking out the YouTube preview of Pariah, and was kind of mesmerized by it. So, I looked you up again on YouTube (as creepy as that sounds and watched your performance of "Brown is the Color of my True Love's Skin" and well...this phrase sounds really dumb, but my heart kind of soared. Seriously, as someone already said, since your music isn't mainstream like Badu's or Lauryn Hill's or Martina Topley's, it makes knowing it even more of a privelage.

Your voice is better than theirs' anyway. :> Y'know, for all the worth a scruffy white girl's opinion is.


You are a kindred spirit. Your beauty trancends physical it is in your very being and every word.

05.18.09Sudhir Kandula

Lovely....would like to get info about future performances in NYC.


I cannot believe my dad came home with your album "In The Distance" today and I am so happy for you, me, and my dad. Sparlha you just radiate musically, lyrically, and for a better word, sexually. Enough words, I have to listen all night, just love you!!!

Most Sincerely,


04.26.09Troy Norman

Dear Sparlha,
I'm on your email list and haved owned two (or three) of your CDs since 2007. However, because I live in Chicago, I have never seen you live. I missed the one show you did at the Hothouse (I think). Anyway, I wanted to know if you will be appearing in Chicago this year at all or if you will be giving any public performances in NYC in August. I ask because I will be in town for ten days. Take care!



Love the sight!
SOrry I could'nt stay long enough this time....
Just enough to place an order but when Im more chilled I shall surley come back......looking forward to your inspirations.
Zela xxxx

03.12.09Jen Durgin

I'm very impressed with Sparlha's music and am looking forward to seeing the show on 3/13.

Please add me to your mailing list. Thanks!


My god I love your groove! What a sound.

2 questions: (1) ever playing in Minneapolis? There are a bunch of venues that would be perfect for you. (2) what model Seagull is that you're playing?

02.28.09sekani hurd

i'm so in love with you and your music.it would be one of my dreams to see you in person even more to meet you and talk to you.i am a singer,songwriter and musician. i am also rastafarian as well as a jamerican.i come from a family of singers,dancers and musicians.anyway i\'ve been hoping and praying that someday i will meet you.we should also do a song together cuz i know with my talent,voice and image, and yours,we will do damage to the world.i hope you will be able to find the time within your busy schedule to at least reply so that my heart will be settled.i fell in love with you the first time i saw you performed and i can tell you, you are me,just in a female flesh.anyway i know you live in brooklyn,i live in queens,so lets link up my#718 527 0458. i know your fans and guys try to pursue you and your probably thinking that i might be one of the many but with THE DIVINE CREATOR as my witness i can assure you, its not. i only mean you good and wish only the best for the both of us.sparlha swa jus know seh someone in the world by the name of JAHSekani adores you dearly, so call me, so we can meet each other and also so you can see how alike we are.waiting to here from you. blessed love always,JAHSekani

02.28.09Jennifer Stokes

Please add me to your mailing list.
Thank you!!

02.23.09Helena de Groot

A week or so ago your CD "Uprising" arrived with the mail and I just wanted to say I love it love it love it.
Thanks and good luck to you

02.21.09Dana Brewer

I saw you perform last night at La Pena in Berkeley, CA. I loved it. I was the one who gave you a hug and bought a copy of everything you had on hand.


Love and Light

01.14.09Crystal Venning - RBS \\\'06

Congratulations Sparlha - this is a great site!

01.13.09Tam Ra


Hope all is renew, rejuv, and recentered.
I am currently living in New Orleans and wanted to continue supporting the work. I am curious in the different way to purchase cds. what are the various option beyond paypal? can I mail a check, money order, or cash with invoice.

Tam Ra

12.31.08Yuzo Kashima

Now, I ordered four CDs(LIVE from NYC, In The Distance, Uprising, B. Hive Compilation. ). It is Holiday Discount. I aid you. Japan. Thank you.
Yuzo Kashima

12.16.08Esak Garcia



My favorite photograph is the one titled Serious followed by The band. Keep up the inspiration ! Anthoni


job well done!!!!!...truely a wonderful site.i'm able to feel the person you are and what u represent.linking to the verious people that u know is absolutely refreshing.guidance to u my sister.much blessings to u on your journey through life.

12.15.08Carucha L. Meuse

I don't want to say that I am your biggest fan, but I am a fan nonetheless, I just love your music and essence. I would love to collaborate with you. I am a photographer based in NY. I just would love to photograph you. Please hit me up whenever,



Greetings Beauty ,
I hope this reaches you in fine spirits and good health.
What a lovely warm and inviting site. It exudes a special flavor sooooo you.
It has been way too long and it would be great to see you. Life will be less demanding for me after the 1st of the year. Perhaps we can get together and do another for tea soon. Please let me add a new adornment in your locks for the New Year.

In Love and Light,


Hey love! This looks beautiful! Congrats. Can't wait to see you at BAM Cafe!
Love, Hugs, Kisses, my lovely!


Your songs are the soundtrack of soothing, the lullabies of love.

12.15.08Dehejia Maat

I still remember when you blessed the stage of Bohemian Caverns here in DC. Beautiful and inspiring is your music. Congrads on the new website. Keep moving towards the light!


wus up ms. swa ? saw you at weeksville dis summr - njoyd da sho - hot girl ! keep me postd - wenz da nex 1. herez part ov 1 ov my poemz - spark a collabo ? ancestral hartbeetz drum frum hiz past
on tha path o hafbreed - rez outkast
wair - soundz unheard by human earz
- play mystical songz only he can hear
wair - conflictz buried deep in hiz mask
- raize thair voicez 2 unfinishd taskz
- bittr teerz ov anguish - gro 2 - sweet laffs
an battl worn feet - calm watrz - o rath

12.15.08Chase Steele Greye

I always make sure that from time to time that I conect with you to let you know that I truly respect you as an artist and a human being. You music still soothes me each and every time no matter where I am in my day. Reach out when you can. Thank you for all of your gifts. Chase

12.13.08Andrea Reese

I'd love to be on your mailing list

12.11.08Kwabena Slaughter

I've been a huge fan since I saw you at Pratt a few years ago. I am putting together a show for a presidential inauguration party at Smack Mellon Gallery in the Dumbo neighborhood of Brooklyn. We are planning to have a small brass band, a dj, and ... maybe ... Sparlha Swa! Can you give me a sense of what you would charge to perform maybe four songs. The event will be on Tuesday Jan.20, 2009. from about 7pm-11pm. You would go on at about 8:30 or 9pm. Please let me know.

Much praise and respect,

11.18.08Mary Guest

April 5, 2008, 2:13 pm. I saw you in Concert last night at Theatre in the Park in
Queens NY. I truly enjoyed your performance and style.


November 11, 2007, 2:46 am. i trully loved your performance at the drum your voice is amazing your songs touched my heart and i will never for get u keep doin your thing love mickeala


August 23, 2007, 11:41 am. Hi Spralha, I saw your performance last night at the Innovations Center in Bridgeport, CT, and I just wanted to say that you were phenomenal. I really and trully love what you are doing, and God has given u a true gift to uplift others, and for you to spread a word through Music. I especially loved the song that you did that u dedicated to your mom, and the woman who made you angry
when you heard her speak to her 3 year old son in such a negative way. Then when she turned to you and said what she said. But you know for people like that we really and trully have to just pray for. Cause as you said, you can see the pain that she was just going through.. Thanks again for blessing us with your presence at the poetry venue, it was trully a blessing.

West Haven, CT


August 17, 2007, 3:16 pm. A couple of years ago i listened to you perform at an open mic on Ave b and 3rd st. at the time you were giving out cd's that weren't even in cases and look at you now. you are beautiful inside and it comes out in your music. i'm happy to have rediscovered you Sparlha. buena suerte !


April 15, 2007, 3:09 pm. Peace.... I just saw you performance...on tv..i think it was the CUNY network. Very fly in so many ways! Your voice and music has such healing properties, and on this rainy sunday afternoon, you fed my spirit, and took me to the country side...away from the concrete and steel....Thank you for helping me escape!
PEACE Comrade


March 25, 2007, 10:43 pm. Bless my girl. Good to see you doing your thing. I can go around and tell ppl I know somebody famous! Again gwaan do yuh ting Zeen.

11.18.08Maurice (Batsman)

March 21, 2007, 4:52 pm. Hello Sparlha, I am not sure you remember me but its lovely to see and hear from you. I am so happy to see how well things are going with you. Ever thaught of doing a show in Jamaica... I could think of quite a few people who would definitely come out to see you perform. Hey but if i could hear from you that would make my day.

Nuf Luv


March 19, 2007, 11:27 am. Hi "Roots", Haven't gotten a chance to hear your music yet, but I know that you have a beautiful voice. We were roomates at Preston 1st year
with Nicole, "versatlie", Georgie-Ann "Spontaneous". Hope all is well with you and do keep in touch. Lata


March 19, 2007, 10:46 am. This is my sister in whom I am pleased..Can't believe it..Dreams do come through!!When are you coming home? keep striving!!I have
to say it again I am proud of you!!! lets make this happen!!


March 17, 2007, 10:55 am. hi sparls. thinking about you and juliette out there in london; i,m mailing you from my friends house to give you lots of love, jah bless and have good vibrations for the shows, peace love and unity olafunke


March 8, 2007, 11:25 pm. I found your album on e-music. It is incredible-you have such talent. Please come to the Sacramento area soon-we need good music!


February 15, 2007, 12:38 am. Sparlha, i just needed to tell you how much i love, cherish, repect, adore you. if i were to pick a sound track to my life, it would be your voice. for real, naima


October 4, 2006, 9:29 am. Just want to say that I saw your show last year in london,
opening artist at bilal's concert at the jazz cafe. What stood out to me the most wasnt your voice, but the strength of your spirit and how vivid and apparent it was in your performance. Its clear you have been doin your thing for a while and i would
like to work with you someday, being a musician myself i think it is important to share and collaberate with different parts of the world in order to extend our individual musical understanding. Maybe one day life permitting... till then thanks and blessings.


April 6, 2006, 4:25 pm. sis, your sound is absolutely breathtaking! captivating &
lyrically powerful...i was nearly moved 2 tears and, as a singer/songwriter myself, inspired beyond words. thank u so much.

11.18.08Adia Varn

March 28, 2006, 9:09 pm. You are beautiful sister and powerful beyond words. Thank you for gracing us with your melodic voice and meaningful lyrics. We look forward to seeing you again in Los Angeles very soon. Best wishes, Adia Varn (aka Tallgirl)

11.18.08Commonwealth Concerts

March 27, 2006, 6:14 pm. Looking forward to the show tomorrow (tues 3/2 at Harpers! For anyone who hasnt seen Sparlha, she is amazing live. The other two acts, Scratch Track(instrumental hip/hop, beatbox, acoustic rock) and Gretel(folk/rock) are also great...so for $5 you have a killer bill. Show is 18+, 9pm. See you there!

11.18.08Sweet Potato

March 21, 2006, 4:27 pm. Hey Sparlha. I was just talking to my friend about your music. i am living in London now. It is cold. I wll show her the website tomorrow. She is Angolan Portuguese. Just a quick question. What style is the Song of Three Races written in ? Sweet Potato - I changed my name to Akua Kariamu but I\'m still Sweet Potato or azucar impoemas :-) Later chica

11.18.08Senghor J Baye

March 17, 2006, 10:27 am. Sister Sparlha Swa, Excellant creativity. I am the host of Balck Star Lion 9 Time with my Co-Host Heru. His interveiw with you on 12/27/05 was
great. Your music and song is Black Goddess energy and sounds. Your web site is very good. Peace,Love and Prosperity

11.18.08Kristen Jones

March 12, 2006, 12:27 pm. I wanted to tell you again how wonderfully you performed at the Celebration of Black Women here at Harvard. I really enjoyed your music, and I will definitely be purchasing your cd. Please let me know when you will be in Boston again. Kristen Jones. Cla** of 2008 :D


March 11, 2006, 10:07 am. :D Peace Sis\', I enjoyed your music sooo much....the NRG of freedom w/ your music is beautiful. Peaz....KeepItLight


March 6, 2006, 7:09 am. Sparlha, I met you summer 2005. You are one of the best performers I seen live so far.


February 19, 2006, 11:07 am. Bonjour jolie jeune femme ! I saw u in Jazz cafe in london last january...I d like to see u again to give you a kiss......


February 2, 2006, 2:01 pm. Sparlha I just saw your show last night at Sound Bridge. I
loved it! I am glad that you rose above the negativity of the independent label that questioned your talents. It was their loss. You definitely have a gift. Keep sharing!


February 2, 2006, 12:20 am. Amazing Sparlha, Thank you for gracing us with your beautiful voice yet again Everyone who hears you sing is dazzled by your awe-inspiring ability to perform live. At your last show, a random person standing next to me said, \"Wow, can you believe that is a cappella??\" All my friends have been asking, \"When is Sparlha singing in Boston again?\"

Can\'t wait to see you on Saturday at Blue Wave! Will have a small
crew with me too


January 24, 2006, 5:05 pm. Hey There, Just wanted to say, I think your voice is beautiful! Keep shining light into the darkness. Peace, TM www.myspace.com/sweetintellectcomplex


January 20, 2006, 7:44 pm. You blew me away at the Jazz Cafe...felt like duct taping the mouths of the few people who still felt the need to speak when u sang. Keep doing what you do... Some phone clips of ur performance on my site www.qbs4u.co.uk


January 19, 2006, 12:11 pm. Jazz Cafe 17/01/2006: Just wanted to congratulate you on a wonderful performance. What a stunning voice! I bought 2 cds and sent one to Cape Town, South Africa. My brother absolutely loved it! Wishing you every success and happiness on your journey Peace and Love


January 18, 2006, 7:17 pm. i know spike and he is one soul brother - if he says you are hot then that tells me you are HOT ! good luck for the future.


January 18, 2006, 8:58 am. Hey, your music was great, I was expecting a good night last night at JC and I got a great night. Bought your CD and played it all the way home and into work this morning. I will introduce my friends to your work. Keep your soul intact, it was pouring out all over the room; -real music is so rare...

11.18.08Luke Benson

January 18, 2006, 6:59 am. Saw you at the Jazz Cafe last night pre the mighty Bilal; you're bloody outstanding. I'll seek out your work from here out and spread the word of the mighty Swa.


January 11, 2006, 3:32 pm. I'm Trevor's sister, and he gave me music from your "In the Distance" album recently. I love it! Just wanted to let you know that you're doing a phenomenal job, keep blessing the world with your music. Best of luck.


January 7, 2006, 2:02 pm. Hi, I just saw your performance at Medgar Evers College on MNN. I was just browsing the chanels and had to stop. You are fabulous!

11.18.08Susie @ reggaelink.com

November 29, 2005, 3:29 am. Sparlha, you are an inspiring and beautiful woman. you\'re simply amazing. i feel blessed that God led me to hear your music! I will
definitely catch a show and spread the word!! thank you!!


November 12, 2005, 6:17 pm. Sparlha, From the first time I saw you perform at the closing of MOMA to most recently at the FiveSpot, I have thorougly enjoyed your music and your kind spirit. You are a true artist! You\'re captivating in the way you draw people in and how they hold on to your every word. No one speaks when your on stage, everyone is in awe. Thank you for proving to your fans, old and new that good music is obtainable.


October 27, 2005, 6:07 am. Sparla, you're simply amazing. I don\'t feel the need to say much more. Keep blessing us with the wonderment. Peace!

11.18.08Kenneth Wilson

October 2, 2005, 3:27 am. Sparla I first saw and met you at the Jahva House on Lakeshore Ave. You are a Gemini as myself I bought your first CD with no label and you signed it. You looked at me and I felt nothing but love coming from you. I knew and told everyone I know about you and you humility. You don\'t need the music industry to validate you. You are already a STAR!!! I love you and your music. Heaven sent an angel aka Sparla Swa. Your video is awesome. If MTY or VH1 or BET would play you video one time you would become a global star instantly. I send you One Love and pray that heaven\'s blessings rain down on you.


September 30, 2005, 11:27 am. I first met you on the subway in NY (april 05), I believe it was on the F line, maybe the 2nd St. station? I listened, felt, and showed some love by buying a cd, and asking for your autograph. I also showed up to a performance in brooklyn, to hear your soul speak once more... this time i brought a group of friends and they are all feelin you! Well i\'m back in the the bay now, NY was good to me, I know she will continue to guide the right people onto your path as she did for me. I hope to see you this sat @ lit lounge, and share your music
with more of my friends. Keep doin your thang! your energy is amazing...


September 28, 2005, 4:20 pm. Sparlha, just saw your interview on Muzikmedia.com, like your vibes and the lyrics on your site, come through London soon, there's a hunger for what you are dishing out sistah. Much respect still, nuh watch nutten, just do your thing. Peace

11.18.08Bully Ringto

September 25, 2005, 11:11 pm. Had to get two more copies of your cd that I am sure that I will eventually end up giving away again. Think you are a great artist and the fact that most of the world doesnt know yet makes me feel kind of privileged to be among some of the first to witness greatness. Your voice is like a gentle wind on a ripe mango, jus a mek dem
fall an a buss up inna the yard. Respect Empress.

11.18.08Ras Kwasi

September 9, 2005, 12:25 pm. I love Your music. music is life,love and free. you are so inspirational, also a beautifull empress blessed love.


September 9, 2005, 2:28 am. Thank you for blessing the stage with us at the Lee Wilson show on Saturday at the Blue Wave. From the first to the last note of your flawless performance, I was mesmerized. I hope you will come back to Boston and grace us again and again. A definite must have for the music collection. Thank you for being what music is supposed to be about. Too much crap on the airwaves these days. Be blessed and "Keep Pressing On", despite the adversities. There are so many people that need your soul edifying, awe inspiring creations. Sincerely Thankful.


September 3, 2005, 10:59 am. Sparla! I always knew you'd take yourself far with your unbelievable talent! Oyster Bay is so proud of you honey! I gotta check out a show of yours. How's your brother? What's he up to? Hope all is well with you and yours. Much love!


September 2, 2005, 9:43 pm. You are the wind that motivates my breath

11.18.08Aunt Mickee

August 22, 2005, 1:48 pm. Message: Message: Sparlha, you're so beautiful. I just love your music, the inspiration and message behind the music, the voice and the person. I am so proud of you. Thanks for keeping me posted. My desire, hope and dream is that very soon the world will come to know and appreciate your music and the beautiful person that you are. May God bless you and prosper you. Stay positive, speak postive and think positive and only positive things will follow you. God bless you. Loving you always....


August 18, 2005, 9:46 pm. Peace sister, Thank you for your submission to our Project down here in Philly. I've forwarded it to our producer. I'm feeling your music. You are a very gifted artist. Peace to you and blessings on your journey. Hope that you can be a part of this project.